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There are many wonderful restaurants in Athens. If you are searching for a dining experience with a scenic view, you aren’t totally out of luck. Whether it is a romantic evening out, a special occasion, a wedding dinner, or just a desire to feel that atmosphere of something bigger and greater than the dining room, you have several worthy options in Athens and Astiggos 13 is one of these places. 
With breathtaking views of the city and a choice of casual or upscale dining, you are guaranteed to have a memorable experience.
Astiggos 13
 is open daily for breakfast, lunch and late afternoon appetizers and fordinner. You can also enjoy our signatures cocktails and a big variety of wines and beers. Enjoy the breathtaking  view of the Acropolis from our terrace area with your company.


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with the Acropolis view!

For some people, Athens is nothing but the Acropolis. Even though, we do not agree -Athens is so much more-, we must, however, admit that the Acropolis is a major appealing element to the city center and that the Athenians as much as the visitors, love a nice restaurant with a spectacular view of the Sacred Rock. Now, you don’t have to visit every single one of them, in order to find one of your taste. At Astiggos 13 Urban Resto Bar you can enjoy the exceptional view of the Acropolis and combine it with a great dinner or a refrshing cocktail!

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Astiggos 13-15, Athens


(+30) 215 555 9251


09.00 – 03.00

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